Harissa Smacked Chicken


Those who know me know that I have an addiction of testing and tasting Moroccan cuisine and today is not very different as I had this urge to try a new roasted chicken recipe. Harissa in North African countries usually … Continue reading

Golden Almond Mhansha


Ramadani dishes are always unique and this has been on my mind for a while, as you most of you know the moroccan cuisine has a special place in my heart and the tastes from that part of the world … Continue reading

Freekeh Revamped


  At the office cravings are the worst sometimes for they are usually more junk oriented but every now and then a mixture of freshness comes to mind. Today I was craving this tasty creation: 500 g Broccoli (Cut into … Continue reading

لمن يريد قراءة وصفاتي باللغة العربية


لجميع متابعي أفكار من كراميل بإمكانكم الان متابعة وصفاتي عبر موقع أطباقي باللغة العربية http://www.atbaki.com/ar/users/1930 صحتين و عافية

Fennel Citrus Crispy Notes


  Sitting at my desk at work I tend to crave all sorts of things and to each day it’s a different palate, this wintery sun is giving me the warmth I need that I crave crunchy fresh citrus salad … Continue reading

San Francisco In a Bite & a Cup (2)


I know it took me a while before I got to write my second part of SF trip but there was a series of mishaps that happened to stop me from getting to it, but hey better late than never … Continue reading

Turnip Around


We all have that moment just before lunchtime where all sorts of food cross our minds and we start craving all kinds and arrays of food. We want salty, sour, bitter and sweet all together and maybe crunchy added to … Continue reading

Francisco in a Bite and a Cup 1


A quick plan and a few recommendations online by a travel/food bloggers; I head to my destination of choice San Francisco. After 21 hours of travel and a long wait to get there, I arrived to SFO on a beautiful … Continue reading